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Letter from Dr. Franklin to John Adams


SIR: The bearer, Mr˙ Measam, was a merchant of good reputation at Montreal; but having engaged warmly in the American cause, has been obliged to abandon that country to the great detriment of his affairs.

He was appointed by General Wooster a Commissary of Stores there, and apprehending such an officer to be at this time necessary in our Northern Army, he has applied to Congress for a continuance in that office. I understand that his memorial is referred to the Board of War. As I have had occasion to know Mr˙ Measam as a good accountant, a man of method, and very correct in business, I cannot but think that if such an officer is wanting, he is extremely well qualified for the employ, and as such beg leave to recommend him to the favour of the Board.

With great respect, I have the honour to be, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,

To the Hon˙ John Adams, Esq.