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Report of the Committee


The Report of the Committee appointed to consider what steps are proper to be taken for the reception of General Washington, was again considered, amended, and accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Resolved, That Doctor Benjamin Church and Mr˙ Moses Gill, be a Committee to repair to Springfield, there to receive Generals Washington and Lee, with every mark of respect due to their exalted characters and stations; to provide proper escorts for them from thence to the Army before Boston, and the house provided for their reception at Cambridge and to make suitable provision for them in manner following, viz: by a number of gentlemen of this Colony from Springfield to Brookfield; and by another company, raised in that neighbourhood, from there to Worcester; and by another company, there provided, from thence to Marlborough; and from thence, by the troop of Horse in that place, to the Army aforesaid: and their company at the several stages on the road, and to receive the bills of expenses at the several inns where it may be convenient for them to stop for refreshment, to examine them and make report of the several sums expended at each of them for that purpose, that orders may be taken by the Congress for the payment of them; and all inn-keepers are hereby directed to make provision agreeable to the requests made by the said Committee; and that General Ward be notified of the appointment of General Washington as Commander-in-Chief of the American Forces, and of the expectation we have of his speedy arrival, with Major-General Lee, that he, with the Generals of the Forces of the other Colonies, may give such orders for their honourable reception as may accord with the rules and circumstances of the Army, and the respect due to their rank, without, however, any expense of powder, and without taking the Troops off from the necessary attention to their duty at this crisis of our affairs.

Resolved, That three o' clock in the afternoon be assigned for the purpose of choosing three persons as a Committee to repair to Springfield to receive Generals Washington and Lee, agreeable to the foregoing Resolution.

The Committee appointed to consider what preparations are proper to be made for the reception of General Washington, reported the following Resolve; which was accepted, and Capt˙ Partridge, Captain Thatcher, Mr˙ Phillips, Major Goodwin, and Mr˙ Caldwell, appointed a Committee for the purpose therein mentioned:


Resolved, That the President' s house in Cambridge, excepting one room reserved by the President for his own use, be taken, cleared, prepared, and furnished, for the reception of General Washington and General Lee; and that a Committee be chosen immediately to carry the same into execution.