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Memorial of John Jones in behalf of the Committee for the town of Hopkington



To the honourable Council and honourable House of Representatives of the State of the MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, in General Court assembled:

The Memorial of JOHN JONES, in behalf of the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, of the Town of HOPKINTON, humbly showeth:

That on the 24th day of June last, the Sheriff of the County of Middlesex did order to the said Committee of the Town of Hopkinton, seven officers, on parole, and four waiters as prisoners, to be supported by said town; that said Committee have already expended a very considerable sum of money in their support, and are not in a capacity to support them any longer, unless they can be reimbursed their past expenses. Therefore prays your Honours would take


their case into your consideration, and grant them such release as you shall direct. And your petitioner, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.


In behalf of the Committee of Hopkinton.

Watertown, September 12, 1776.