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Roll of Captain Oglevie' s Company


We, the subscribers, do hereby enrol ourselves to serve as Militia of Maryland, in the Middle Department, that is


to say, from this Province to New York, inclusive, until the 1st day of December next, unless sooner discharged by the honourable Congress, according to the resolution of the Convention of Maryland, held at Annapolis, the 21st day of June, 1776.

Capt˙ John Oglevie, Samuel Bing, David Morrison, 1st Lt˙ Jog˙ Tanner, James Hasson, William Mullen, 2d Lt˙ Elisha Rodgers, David M˙ Guffin, Hugh McDowell, Alex˙ Thompson, James Perry, Ensign James Boggs, John Sands, John Minor, William Tilyard, James Connor, Thomas King, Thomas Ramsay, William Duffield, Elisha Gatchell, Eliot Williams, John Johnson, James Hindman, Oliver Bing, Michael Askin, Benjamin Moody, William Smith, JamesClendenin, (a lad,) drummer, George Robinson, Benjamin McMahon, Samuel Thompson, James McKibbin, Alex˙ Armstrong, Alexander Simpson, John Jameson, Patrick Donnelly, Josiah Porterfield, George Glass, Matthew Morgan, William Jameson, William Strean, John Phillips, James Stevenson, George Cunningham, James Wright, Thomas Newell, William Brisland, George Day, Matthew McDowell, James M˙ Clenshey, William Bean, Benjamin Hasson, William Brison, Carbery Cuningham, William Johnson, Andrew Thompson, David Robinson, James Welch, James Morrow, George McClelland.

The within and above men were viewed, and are ablebodied and effective men.

July 25, 1776.