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Petition of George Child



To the honourable Council of the State of MASSACHUSETTS-BAY:

The Petition of GEORGE CHILD humbly showeth:

That your petitioner, being bound from Jamaica to Bristol, in the ship St˙ Lucea, loaded with sugar and rum, was taken by Captain Eleazer Giles, of Beverly, commander of the brigantine Retaliation, and was sent with his said ship into said Beverly, where it is probable his said ship and cargo will soon be condemned, the captors having generously given him his adventure, which is sufficient to purchase a small schooner, with which he is desirous of returning to his family: Therefore your petitioner humbly prays your


Honours to permit him to proceed from Beverly to Bristol in a schooner about fifty tons, with ballast and stores sufficient for such a voyage, with ten men besides himself, said schooner to be fitted out, &c˙, under the inspection of the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, of said Beverly; or otherwise relieve your petitioner as you in your great wisdom snall see fit. And your petitioner, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.


Beverly, October 28th, 1776.

State of Massachusetts-Bay, in Council, October 30th, 1776.

On the Petition of George Child, late Master of the Ship St˙ Lucia,

Ordered, That the prayer of the said Petition be so far granted as that the said Captain Child be permitted to depart from this State by taking passage in any vessel that may be going hence for Europe or the West-Indies, and that he be permitted to take with him necessary stores for his passage, under the direction of the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, of the Town of Beverly.