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Resolutions of the Committee on Prisoners, in Connecticut



Hartford, July 6, 1776.

Colony of CONNECTICUT, ss:

In Committee for ordering Prisoners stationed in this Colony, it is

Resolved and Ordered, That no Prisoner under the care of this Committee, not enlarged on parole, may go out of the Parish wherein such Prisoner is stationed, without a permit in writing, under the hand of one or more of this Committee, or the person under whose care he is or shall be placed, and not exceed the limits prescribed in such permit, on pain of imprisonment.

And it is further Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, it will be improper and unsafe to employ said Prisoners in making Firearms, Gunpowder, casting Cannon, Cannonball, or in erecting Fortifications.

And it is recommended to all the Towns in this Colony, in which Prisoners are stationed, to set a watch to guard the avenues into and out of their respective Towns, said watch to be set at or before nine of the clock in the evening, and to continue through the night, for the purpose of preserving peace and order in such Towns, and for preventing the conveying intelligence prejudicial to the liberties of America.

Per order of the Committee:
JESSE ROOT, Chairman.