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Return of officers that are absent in Colonel Smith' s Regiment


A Return of the Officers that are absent in Colonel Jonathan Smith' s Regiment, October 4, 1776.

Capt˙ Jonathan Houghton,
Capt˙ Samuel Sawyer,

Sick King' s Bridge.

Capt˙ Aaron Rowley,
First Lieut˙ Ebenezer Bennet,
Ensign John Stocking,

Sick, on the Jersey side.

First Lieut˙ Ebenezer Cook,
First Lieut˙ Salmon Godfrey,
Second Lieut˙ Benjamin Wilson,
Second Lieut˙ Ebenezer Newell,
First Lieut˙ Ebenezer Colburn,
Ensign Elijah Browner,
First Mate Jonas Prescott,

Sick, over the Bridge.

Capt˙ Oliver Root,

At Horse Neck taking care of the sick.

First Lieut˙ Ebenezer Inglesbee, Second Lieut˙ George Sloan,

Gone into the country after clothing.

ROBERT LONGLEY, Lieut˙ Colonel.