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William Sutton, of Westchester, permitted to return, having agreed to surrender himself to the Committee for the County


William Sutton, Esq˙, of Westchester, attending at the door, was admitted, and informed the Congress that he has been obliged, for fear of injuries, to leave his place of abode, and made the requests and engagements contained in a Protection given to him, which is in the words following, to wit:

"William Sutton, Esq˙, of Westchester County now appears before this Congress, and requests protection to return to his house, and engages to apply to, and deliver himself up to the Committee of the County of Westchester, at their next meeting, and at any other time when they shall send for him, to answer all such charges as may be made against him, and abide the judgment and determination of the said Committee; and Mr˙ Joseph Bull, now present, engages that the said William Sutton shall go to Westchester County and deliver himself up to the said Committee, at their next meeting. Therefore,

"Ordered, That the said William Sutton be permitted


to return to his house in safety, and submit himself to the Committee of Westchester County, and that in the interim his boat be considered as under the protection of this Congress."