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Commodore Hopkins to Captain J. Paul Jones



Providence, December 18th, 1776.

SIR: I received yours of the 15th instant, and am very glad to hear you are safe arrived, as it would hate been impossible


for you to have got in here. I wish your prizes may get in safe. If you can, you may hire a pilot to go in some small vessel off, or about Nantucket, to give the prize-masters an account of our situation here, and order the prizes to Boston.

As to any alteration of the Alfred, I have received no orders from the Marine Committee about that matter, owing, I suppose, to the difficulty of the times. And as Captain Hinman has a commission for the Alfred, do not know at present but it may be best for him to take her, and for you to go on board the Columbus; however, shall write or come down to Boston soon. In the mean time you will get the ship along side the wharf and her stores secured. And as some of the men' s times are out that they inlisted for, you may get their accounts settled and give them an order for the balance, taking care to charge what was advanced them in Philadelphia. Those who belong to Philadelphia, or have wives there, you will give an order on Mr˙ James Read for one half their wages, and pay the rest, and call on Mr˙ John Bradford for money to enable you so to do, who I have wrote to supply you.

If my son Esek wants to come home to see his friends, you will be kind enough to give him leave.

The owners of the privateer made a great noise about your taking the men out of her, and have brought an action; but I think they will make nothing of it. We have likewise brought an action against Captain Field for taking our men.

I am, sir, your friend and humble servant,

ESEK HOPKINS, Cr˙ in Chief.

P˙S˙ You will deliver the prisoners you have on board the Alfred to the officers of the State you are in.

To John P˙ Jones, Esq˙, Commander of the Alfred, at Boston.