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General Orders, by General Gates, Head-Quarters, Ticonderoga, August 6 to August 22


Head Quarters, August 17, 1776.

(Parole, Braxton.) (Countersign, Wythe.)

The First, Second, and Third Brigades, to mount the two following Guards for the security of the encampment upon Mount Independence: one main Guard at the Isthmus, consisting of one Field-Officer, two Captains, six Subalterns, six Sergeants, six Corporals, four Drums and Fifes, and one hundred and twenty Privates. The other Guard is to mount upon the hill above the lines upon the west point, where the redoubt is marked out, and is to consist of one Captain, three Subalterns, three Sergeants, three Corporals, two Drums, and sixty Privates. Colonel Wayne, who surveyed the mount, with the officers commanding Brigades, will station the Guard at the Isthmus. The Guard in the rear of the redoubt above the lines will be stationed by the Adjutant-General, the Chief Engineer, and the Commanding Officer of the Artillery.

The Chief Engineer to deliver fifteen axes to the Field-Officer of the main Guard, and ten to the Captain of the redoubt Guard, tomorrow morning at guard mounting. They are to be answerable for these axes to the Officers who relieve them, and those Guards are not to be relieved until the axes are in good order delivered to the relieving Officers.

One Captain, three Subalterns, three Sergeants, three Corporals, two Drums, and one hundred Privates, from the Brigade commanded by General Bricket, to parade at Head Quarters at twelve o' clock, to take twenty batteaus to Skenesborough. Captain Williamson will deliver the batteaus to the Commanding Officer of the party.

Forty Seamen from the same Brigade, to be draughted and paraded at Head Quarters tomorrow morning at seven o' clock, to go on board the fleet at Crown Point. They will go down in two batteaus. The Officer commanding them will apply to General Arnold for his orders.

Colonel Greaton is to take the command of the First Brigade during the absence of General Arnold.