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Address of Inhabitants of New-York to Governour Tryon



To His Excellency WILLIAM TRYON, Esq˙, Captain-General and Governour-in-Chief in and over the Province of NEW-YORK, and the Territories depending thereon in AMERICA, Chancellor, and Vice-Admiral of the same.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY: We, the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York, beg leave to congratulate your Excellency on your return to the capital of your Government, and to assure you that we feel the sincerest joy on this happy event, which opens a prospect that we shall once more experience the blessings of peace and security under his Majesty' s auspicious government and protection, blessings which we formerly enjoyed under your Excellency' s mild administration, and which we ardently wish to have renewed.

Persevering in our loyalty and unshaken attachment to our gracious Sovereign, in this time of distress and trial, and anxious to testify our affection for him, we have embraced the earliest opportunity to petition the King' s Commissioners, that they would restore this City and County to his Majesty' s peace, although many of the most respectable citizens, and a much greater number of the inferiour classes, have been drawn off by the calamities of war, or sent prisoners to New-England and other distant parts; yet we hope that the numbers still remaining, and who have voluntarily subscribed, may be deemed sufficient to entitle this district to his Majesty' s grace, whilst the sufferings which our absent fellow-citizens undergo for the royal cause, plead in their behalf with the Commissioners, from whose well-known humanity, benevolence, and enlarged sentiments, we have the most flattering expectations.

To your Excellency we naturally look up for assistance; we therefore request that you would be pleased to present our petition to the Commissioners, and otherwise exert yourself that the prayer of it may be granted; as it is our fervent desire, and what we esteem the greatest earthly felicity, to remain subjects of the British Government, in union with the parent State.

Signed by desire, and in behalf of the inhabitants, by


New-York, October 16, 1776.