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Letter from Governour Trumbull


A Letter from Governour Trumbull, as to the proposed plan of communicating intelligence, was read and filed, in the words following, viz:

"Lebanon, November 23, 1775.

"SIR: Your letter of October 17th last, enclosing copy of the minutes of Congress directing concerning the manner of conveying intelligence, in case of invasion, and receiving assistance when necessary, and a plan for that purpose, for our consideration, was not received till the 10th instant, and this day is the first opportunity I have to lay it before the Council of Safety. Your plan is approved, and I am desired by them to write to and employ proper persons in the western Towns to procure persons, to be in readiness at a minute' s warning, to carry any intelligence of alarm or invasion to the Towns where occasion may require. I have accordingly written to Abraham Davenport, of Stamford, and Thaddeus Burr, of Fairfield, Esquires, to make the necessary provisions.

"I am, most respectfully, Sir, your most obedient humble servant, JONATHAN TRUMBULL.

"Honourable President Woodhull."