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Association to be Signed by all the Male Persons


Be it enacted by the Governour, Council, and Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That all the male persons, inhabitants of


this Colony, of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, shall have tendered to them the following Association, to wit:

Whereas the British Parliament have of late claimed a power and authority to bind the people of America in all cases whatsoever, and, in pursuance of such claim, have passed divers Acts of Parliament subversive of the natural and constitutional rights and liberties of the Americans; and whereas the British Ministry have attempted to carry said Acts of Parliament into execution by military force, with an express intention to subjugate the Americans, and in a time of peace have wantonly and unprovoked shed the blood of many of their inhabitants, and all reasonable measures for obtaining redress of their said grievances which have been taken proving ineffectual, we are at last reduced to the unhappy necessity of taking up arms in defence of their lives and liberties, in obedience to the first law of nature, self-preservation, and to make their solemn appeal to the Supreme Governour of the Universe and All-Wise Disposer of every event; and that much depends, under God, upon the unanimity and joint efforts of a brave and free people for their preservation and defence:

We, the subscribers, do each for ourselves claim, demand, and insist upon our constitutional rights and privileges, and do solemnly covenant, agree, and promise, to and with each other, that we will always maintain and defend the same, to the utmost of our power, against every attempt that shall be made to wrest them from us, and especially against the measures that have been or may be taken by the British Ministry and Parliament for that purpose. And we likewise promise and agree that we will not aid, assist, or help the Fleet and Army, or any other person or persons employed by the said Ministry or Parliament, by furnishing them with Provisions, warlike Stores, or other necessaries, or by giving or conveying any intelligence to them, or in any other way whatever, while they shall be thus employed against this or the other Colonies in America; but will be faithful and true to the Government, as established by charter in this Colony, and to the United American Colonies, and will to the utmost of our power, in our several places, assist in carrying into execution every measure of our General Assembly, and also the measures of the said United Colonies, that have or shall be formed and come into for their common safety, and shall be approved of by the General Assembly of this Colony, and that we will use our utmost influence to discountenance and prevent all riotous assemblies and mobs within this Colony.

Witness our hands, at —, this — day, A˙ D˙ —.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the civil authority and Selectmen, or any or either of them, of every Town within this Colony, do, as soon as may be, offer and tender the aforesaid Association to every male inhabitant of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, in their several Towns, to be by them signed; and the said civil authority or Selectmen are further directed to make return of the names of all and every person or persons, in their respective Towns, who shall neglect or refuse to sign the same, to the General Assembly, at their next session; and that the said civil authority do lodge the said


Association, after the said inhabitants shall have signed it, with the Town Clerk of their respective Towns.

In the Lower House, the consideration of the above Bill is referred to the next session of this Assembly.

Test: RICHARD LAW, Clerk.

Concurred in in the Upper House.

Test: GEORGE WYLLYS, Sec' y.