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Robert Buchanan, a Member for Kent County, censured by the Convention


Mr˙ Robert Buchanan, a Member for Kent County, appeared and took his seat in the House.

A Petition from sundry Inhabitants of Baltimore County, relative to the election of Committee-men and Delegates for said County, being read,

Ordered, That the same be taken into consideration on Wednesday next.

Adjourned till three o' clock.

Post Meridiem.—Convention met.

The Proceedings of the Committee of Kent County were read to Mr˙ Robert Buchanan in his place, and the said Robert Buchanan heard thereon; upon which Mr˙ Buchanan confessed that he had refused to enroll according to the Resolution of the last Convention, and that in consequence of his reasons, fourteen others had also refused; and declared, he having conceived himself not well treated by the said Committee, at the time the said proceeding passed, was rather short in his answers to them, and did not give the Committee that satisfaction respecting his conduct,


in the subject by the said Proceedings referred to, as was in his power, or as he would have done, had he not apprehended himself ill treated by the Committee. Mr˙ Buchanan then withdrew, and the Convention having considered the said Proceedings and conduct of the said Robert Buchanan,

Resolved, That the Proceedings of the Committee of Kent County respecting Mr˙ Buchanan, are approved by this Convention; And that Mr˙ President, from the chair, signify to the said Robert Buchanan, in his place, that this Convention censures the conduct of the said Robert Buchanan, in having refused to enroll in the Militia, on the terms directed by the last Convention, and in having encouraged others to imitate his example; thereby setting up his own judgment in opposition to the determinations of that Convention, and that the said Robert Buchanan be informed by Mr˙ President, that he and those who disapproved the scheme adopted by the same Convention, for regulating the Militia, ought to have applied to the next Convention for such alterations as they thought necessary; that such applications would have been duly considered and attended to; but that the said Robert Buchanan ought, in the mean time, to have acquiesced in the regulations agreed to in Convention by the Representative body of the Province.

Ordered, also, That Mr˙ President signify to Mr˙ Buchanan, that this Convention highly disapprove his conduct and behaviour before the Committee, respecting the charge exhibited against him, which the said Committee were bound by their duty to examine into and proceed on.

Mr˙ Sudler has leave of absence till Monday next.

Ordered, That the Committee of Kent County deliver to Mr˙ Sudler, out of the publick Arms in their possession, one hundred Fire-locks, forty Bayonets, two hundred pounds of Powder, and all the Cutlasses.

The Order of the Day for taking into consideration the state of the Province, being read,

Ordered, That the same be referred for further consideration till to-morrow.

Mr˙ Allein has leave of absence.

Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, half after nine o' clock.