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To Fit Out a Vessel of Observation


Resolve to fit out a Vessel of Observation; passed JULY 2, 1776.

Resolved, That Captain Batcheldor be directed to hire and fit out a small Vessel, and employ a master and a suitable number of men to man her, for the purpose of cruising, obtaining and giving intelligence of the enemy' s fleets, &c˙; and when said Vessel is fit for the sea, the said Batcheldor is directed to send the master to the Council or Committee of Council, to receive such orders and instructions as will be necessary.

It is further Resolved, That the Receiver-General be, and he is hereby, directed to pay out of the publick Treasury the sum of £50 to said Batcheldor, to enable him to carry this Resolve into execution, he to be accountable to this Court for the same.