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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee of Baltimore, at Mr˙ William Buchanan' s, December 26, 1774:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Spear, George Woolsay, James Calhoun, Isaac Grist, Philip Rogers, John Merryman, John Deayer, Isaac Vanbibber, William Buchanan, Nicholas Jones, John Boyd, Clerk.

Mr˙ Calhoun was appointed Treasurer to this Committee, to receive all Moneys arising from the sales of goods disposed of by the direction of the Committee; and the Treasurer is desired to procure a book for that purpose.

Captain Woolsey, who, with Mr˙ Courtenay, was appointed to dispose of the Irish Bagging belonging to Captain Johnston, reports that the same is done, and the profits, for the Poor of Boston, amounts to twenty-six, Shillings and two Pence, which is ordered to be delivered into the hands of the Treasurer.

Messrs˙ Calhoun and Chase report, that the packages of Linens, &c˙, ordered to be sold by them at publick vendue, were accordingly sold on Saturday last, and the profits arising to the Poor of Boston, from said sales, amounts to nine Pounds, currency, which is ordered lobe delivered into the hands of the Treasurer.

Ordered, That an extract of the Minutes of this Committee, concerning their Resolution in the sale of Salt, be made publick; and the regulation agreed upon with regard to that article, in the case of Captain Pierce, be made known to that gentleman, or to his owners.

Committee adjourned to four o' clock, this afternoon.

Committee met agreeable to adjournment.

Present; Samuel Purviance, Chairman, Hercules Courtenay, James Calhoun, Isaac Grist, John Smith, William, Buchanan, William Spear, John Merryman, John Deaver, John Boyd, Clerk, Captain Amos Grandy, of the Schooner Susannah, from Marblehead, appeared before the Committee, and declared, on bath, that his cargo consisted of Rum, Oil, Calais Salt, and Mackerel, only.

A Paper was handed into the Committee from Mr˙ James Christie, containing some queries relative to goods taken into the care of the Committee.

The Chairman was desired to prepare an answer; which he accordingly did; and, it being approved of by the Committee, a copy was ordered to be taken, and the original Sent to Mr˙ Christie, as an answer to his queries.

The Committee of Correspondence are desired to meet at Mr˙ Buchanan' s, on Tuesday evening, to consider of and prepare a plan of proceedings for the General Meeting of the County Committee on Thursday next, which is first to be laid before the Committee of the Town for their inspection on Wednesday evening next, when they are to meet for that purpose.

Mr˙ William Neill appeared before the Committee, and laid before them his invoice of certain goods arrived from Liverpool, by way of Philadelphia; which having arrived since the first of December, are taken in to the care of the Committee, and are ordered to be sold by publick vendue, by the cargo, if they will sell for two per cent˙ advance on


the foot of the invoice; but if not, then the goods are to be opened, and sold in lots.

In the first case, Messrs˙ Hercules Courtenay and John Merryman are appointed to superintend the sales; in the last case, a venduemaster is to be employed.

The Clerk is directed to publish, in Handbills and in the Maryland Journal, Extracts from the Proceedings of the Committee which relate to Salt, and Masters of Vessels arriving at the Port of Baltimore; and the Treasurer, upon application to him, is ordered to pay the expenses attending such publication.