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Ordered, That the Account of the money expended at the late Treaty with the Indians be referred to Mr˙ Carrington, Mr˙ Cabell, Mr˙ Cary, Mr˙ Fleming, Mr˙ Thomas Mann Randolph, and Mr˙ Watkins; who are to examine the said Accounts, and report the same, together with their opinion thereupon, to the Convention.

Ordered, That leave be given to bring in an Ordinance for establishing a certain mode of Punishment for the enemies of America; and that Mr˙ Braxton, Mr˙ Banister, Mr˙ Cary, Mr˙ Dandridge, Mr˙ Mercer, Mr˙ Jones, Mr˙ Smith, Mr˙ Thruston, Mr˙ Walter Jones, and Mr˙ Kenner, do prepare and bring in the same.