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Letter to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania


The draft of a Letter to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, in answer to their Letter respecting raising Artillery Companies in this Province, was read, and agreed to, and ordered to be engrossed; which was done accordingly, and is in the words following:

GENTLEMEN: The Congress have taken into their serious consideration the important matters recommended to them by your letter of 5th ultimo.

It is with pleasure that this Congress find that you have taken so very necessary a step, as to cause a survey to be made of the Jersey-Shore upon the River Delaware; and this Congress concur with you in opinion, that the necessity of making an early provision to guard both shores against common danger, is a measure of the highest importance, and requires immediate consideration.

This Congress very gratefully acknowledges the patriotick tender you have been pleased to make of your service, in giving or receiving mutual assistance, as the circumstances and situation of things may require; and this Congress will most cheerfully co-operate with you, in promoting all such measures as may be best calculated to advance the common cause.

In pursuit of this plan, this Congress have agreed to raise fortwith two companies of Artillery, and to purchase twelve field-pieces, for the defence of this Colony, to be stationed one half in East-Jersey, and the other half in West Jersey. But as it is probable, that the officers appointed to the command of these companies may have occasion for some instruction, to improve them in the art of gunnery, this Congress, in such case, will rely upon your friendly declarations of affording such assistance as may be required.

With regard to the purchase of cannon, the Committee appointed by this Congress have orders to procure them on the best terms; and this Committee we recommend to your attention, if it should be found necessary to give you any further trouble in the management of this affair.

This Congress have made provision for paying a bounty of one shilling per pound for such merchantable saltpetre as shall be made in this Colony before the first day of January next. But should it be found necessary for any persons to acquire more practical knowledge of the art of making this necessary article, this Congress will in such case most gladly accept your obliging offer, and give a recommendation to such persons accordingly.

By order, &c.