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Fincastle County (Virginia) Meeting



In obedience to the Resolves of the Continental Congress, a Meeting of the Freeholders of Fincastle County, in Virginia, was held on the 20th day of January, 1775, who, after approving of the Association framed by that august body in behalf of all the Colonies, and subscribing thereto, proceeded to the election of a Committee, to see the same carried punctually into execution, when the following gentlemen were nominated: the Reverend Charles Cummings, Colonel William Preston, Colonel William Christian, Captain Stephen Trigg, Major Arthur Campbell, Major William Inglis, Captain Walter Crockett, Captain John Montgomery, Captain James M' Gavock, Captain William Campbell, Captain Thomas Madison, Captain Daniel Smith, Captain William Russell, Captain Evan Shelby, and Lieutenant William Edmondson. After the election the Committee made choice of Colonel William Christian for their Chairman, and appointed Mr˙ David Campbell to be Clerk.