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Fairfield (Connecticut) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Inspection for the Town of Fairfield, held in the Court-House on the 15th day of August, A˙ D. 1775:

It was voted and agreed, that the Committee of Inspection in each Society be desired to notify the inhabitants in each Society in this Town, to meet in Society meeting on Monday next, in order to subscribe an Association, to show that they are friends to the liberties and privileges of their Country, and that the enemies of it may be known. And that said Committee do, after said meeting, apply to all such persons as shall not attend, in order to give them an opportunity to subscribe; and that they also take down in writing the names of all those enemies of their Country that are of age, who refuse to subscribe; and that said


Committee make report of their doings to this Committee, at their meeting to be held at the Court-House on the last Monday of August.

The following Association being prepared, was ordered to be sent into the different parts of the Town to be subscribed by the inhabitants, viz:

"Whereas, the British Administration have long been plotting against the liberties of America, and finally stept forth and openly avowed their wicked system, and are now pursuing measures, which, if successful, will terminate in the total destruction of American liberty: And whereas, the United English Colonies, by their honourable Delegates in Congress, have entered into an Association which, if strictly and faithfully observed, will, in our opinion, have a happy tendency to awaken the attention of our fellow-subjects in Great Britain, and other parts of the British Empire, and convince them of the ill policy and injustice of those measures: And whereas, by a blind infatuation, the British Government have been persuaded to lend their aid to our misinformed Sovereign, and his wicked Ministers, to send Troops and Armies into our once happy land, for the purpose of enforcing certain oppressive and unconstitutional acts of Parliament: The United Colonies, firmly persuaded of the justice of their cause, and that resistance is indispensable, committing their cause to Heaven, have opposed force to force, and are determined to die or be free. We, whose names are underwritten, being alarmed at the present state of publick affairs, and finding no alternative but to resist with force or submit, are determined to make a bold struggle, and use every manly effort to defend those rights which we claim as men, Christians, and freemen. In the first place, we do hereby declare our hearty approbation of the Continental Association, and our fixed resolution faithfully to observe and comply with the same, according to the true spirit and meaning thereof, without any equivocation or mental reservation. And we do further declare, that we are fully persuaded of the necessity and perfect justice of the forcible resistance that has already been made to the Ministerial Troops sent into this Country to dragoon us into slavery; and do gratefully acknowledge and notice the smiles of Divine Providence on all our means of defence, in crowning all our warlike enterprises with unparalleled success; and being determined to pursue the same line of conduct that has already been pursued, we do now unanimously agree and associate with each other, and with all the friends of liberty throughout this land, to exert ourselves in every manly, prudent, and effectual measure in concert with our brethren throughout this Continent, in opposition to every lawless attempt that may be made by our unnatural enemies to deprive us of our liberties, and subject us to a state of slavery, choosing rather to die freemen than live in a state of servile subjection to any man or body of people on the face of the earth."

Which, agreeable to order, was offered to the inhabitants of the Town of Fairfield, and subscribed by eight hundred and fifty-five male persons of the age of sixteen years and upwards; and there were seventy in number that refused to subscribe the same, whose names are as follow, viz:

Daniel Wheeler, Eliphalet Wheeler, Daniel Cable, John Jackson, Jun˙, Nathan Jackson, Adin Jackson, Samuel Bennet, James Chambers, Nathaniel Hubbel, Solomon Burton, Jun˙, Ebenezer Edwards, Hezekiah Jennings, Eleazer Hall, Benjamin Curtis, Daniel Lyon, Gershom Lyon, Jonathan Lyon, Daniel Lyon, Jun˙, Thomas Lyon, Gershom Lyon, Jun˙, William Cardwell, John Mann, Ebenezer Lord, Joseph Edwards, Timothy Hubbel, Ebenezer Lyon, Abel Curtiss, Joseph Lyon, Abel Lyon, Thomas Turney, Benjamin Turney, Thomas Turney, Jun˙, Ebenezer Thorp, John Thorp, Ebenezer Mills, Josiah Cable, Benoni Dimon, Moses Burr, Epaphras Murwin, Enoch Turrel, Stephen Gilbert, Gershom Dimon, Calvin Wheeler, Rev˙ John Sayre, Benjamin Whitear, Samuel Adams, Samuel Turney, Stephen Gold, Archibald Campbell, John Sturgis, Ebenezer Hall, John Lockwood, Jabez Lockwood, Ephraim Lockwood, Ebenezer Gray, Lockwood Gray, Josiah Wheeler, Bailey Stilson, Jonathan Coley, Peter Guyer, Ebenezer Guyer, Daniel Morhouse, David Morhouse, Samuel Lord, Jabez Thorp, Jun˙, Gideon Lockwood, Thaddeus Squier, John Adams.


The above and foregoing is a true copy of the votes and proceedings, which were ordered to be made publick.

THADDEUS BURR, Clerk to said Committee.