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Report on Supplies for the Army, and the fulfilment of promises to the Indians


Report on the Letters received APRIL 16, 1776, relating to Supplies for the Army, and fulfilment of Promises to INDIANS.

Resolved, That an expedition against Detroit be undertaken.

Resolved, That proper measures be taken to send a Schoolmaster, Clergyman, Farmer, and Blacksmith, to the Delawares, agreeable to the promise of Congress.

Resolved, That no Trader ought to go into the Indian country without license from the Agent in the Department, and care to be taken by him to prevent exorbitant prices for Goods being exacted from the Indians.

Resolved, That a ton of Powder be sent to Mr˙ Morgan, to be distributed to such Indians as the Agent shall be convinced are in our interest.

Resolved, That measures be immediately taken to procure Goods to supply the Indians at the Treaties ordered to be held with them.

Resolved, That no surveys, settlements, or encroachments, be made on the Indian country.

Resolved, That the President signify the approbation of Congress to Colonel Hazen for his Letter, and attention to the publick good.

Resolved, That 300,000 Dollars be immediately sent to General Schuyler, for supplying and paying the Army in Canada.

Resolved, That the Commissioners from Congress to Canada be desired to publish an Address to the People of Canada, signifying that Congress has been informed of injuries offered by our people to some of them, expressing our resentment at their misconduct; assuring them of our attachment to their security; inviting them to state their grievances to our Commissioners, and promising ample redress to them, and exemplary punishment to the offenders.

Resolved, That Instructions be sent to the Commissioners to cause justice to be done to the Canadians, agreeable to the tenour of the above resolve.

Resolved, That the Commanding Officer in Canada be directed to be very attentive to Military Discipline, and inflict exemplary punishment on all who shall violate the Military Regulations established by Congress.

Resolved, That General Washington be directed to send six Battalions into Canada from the Army at New-York.

Resolved, That the Committee of the Massachusetts-Bay, and New-Hampshire, and the Governours of Connecticut and Rhode-Island, be earnestly requested to take the most speedy and effectual measures to collect as much hard money in their respective Colonies as possible, send the same, as collected, to General Schuyler, and draw upon the President of the Congress for the amount.