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Augusta County (Virginia) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee for the County of Augusta, in Staunton, October 3, 1775:

Whereas it has been reported to the Committee of this County, by sundry persons, that Alexander Miller, at various times and places, and in divers assemblies of people, hath held forth, that the opposition made to the unjust, despotick, and tyrannical acts of the Parliament of Great Britain, relative to America, is rebellion; by which the lives and fortunes of those concerned in such opposition are forfeited, as traitors to the King; that the Members of the General Congress are seditious, aiming at their own interest, at the expense of this Country; that at the same time they live at free cost at the Congress in Philadelphia, they receive large sums to defray those pretended expenses; and wickedly charging the Convention of this Colony with the same seditious and similar designs; and that the levies ordered to be made by the Committee of this County, (by order of the Convention of this Colony,) for procuring Ammunition and paying other incidental charges, were to be applied to the making gentlemen of themselves; that, under various pretences, they would take every half-bit they had, and then leave them to shift as they could; with other unjust and invidious reflections of the same nature: and whereas the said Alexander Miller, having been duly summoned to answer the said allegations, did this day appear, the Committee, after hearing the depositions of sundry witnesses before taken, and the testimonies of several witnesses now examined, do find the said Alexander Miller has been guilty of the several charges as above alleged:

Resolved, therefore, That it be recommended to all the good people of this County and Colony, to have no farther dealings, connection, or intercourse, with the said Miller, as he appears, from the whole tenour of his behaviour, to be a real enemy to the general struggle of all America, now defending themselves against the tyrannical oppressions of a corrupt British Parliament; until he, by his future behaviour, convinces his countrymen of his sincere repentance for his past folly.

Ordered, That the Clerk transmit a copy of the above


proceedings to Mr˙ Alexander Purdie, to desire he will publish the same in his publick Gazette.

SILAS HART, Chairman.