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To which his Excellency postponed giving an answer till after the arrival of the next post, when he did it to the following effect: (No˙ 13.)

"GENTLEMEN: I have considered the application made to me from the Convention; and as it would be inconsistent with the duties of my station as Governour to continue my residence here on the terms proposed, I intend, as soon as an opportunity shall offer, to leave this Province and return to England, if the Convention hold the terms they have proposed to be indispensable on their part; and trust I shall meet with no obstruction or impediment from any persons in removing myself and such of ray property as I may find it convenient to take with me.

"Disagreeable as I find my situation to be, and as it may appear to others, considering the occasion and result of the inquiries of this Convention, I shall still continue most sincerely to wish for the welfare and prosperity of Maryland, and, consequently, for a reconciliation with, and constitutional dependancy on, Great Britain.

"My past conduct in this Government has, I am informed, met with much approbation. The same line by which it has been hitherto governed, were I continuing in that station, would continue to direct my future conduct."