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Credentials of the North-Carolina Delegates


John Penn, Esq˙, one of the Delegates for North-Carolina, appeared in Congress, and produced his Credentials; which were read and approved, as follows:


"In Congress, SEPTEMBER 8, 1775.

"Mr˙ Caswell informed the Congress that as they had done him the honour to appoint him Treasurer of the Southern District of this Province, and one of the Signers of the Publick Bills of Credit, his attending those duties would render it entirely out of his power to attend the Continental Congress, as one of the Delegates of this Province; he therefore requested this Congress would be pleased to appoint some other gentleman in his stead. Whereupon, it is Resolved, That John Penn, Esq˙, he, and he is hereby appointed a Delegate in behalf of this Province, in conjunction with William Hooper and Joseph Hewes, Esqrs˙, and that he be invested with the same powers, and entitled to the like allowance, that the said Richard Caswell would have been vested with and entitled to under a former Resolution of this Congress.

"By order:


"ANDREW KNOX, Secretary."