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Petition of Hannah Goldthwait


Petition of Hannah Goldthwait, late of Boston, in the County of Suffolk, setting forth: "that for some time past, she hath been under low and declining circumstances, she hath been obliged to contract divers debts which she hath no way of discharging, but by the tender usage of her kind husband, who by his publick office is obliged to remain in Boston; and that none of her creditors might by her misfortunes suffer thereby, he, her said spouse, did confide in Mr˙ White, of Marblehead, to bring out of said Boston, and deliver to her a certain sum of money for the purpose aforesaid; the said Hannah, having heard that the said sum of money hath been taken into custody by the honourable Court, she humbly desires that the said sum of money might be returned to her for her relief and support." In the House of Representatives: Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to Hannah, Goldthwait, or order, the sum of sixty Pounds, for the purpose mentioned in her Petition. In Council: Read, and concurred.