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Letter from Colonel Curtenius to the New-York Congress: The Regulars have landed at Staten Island without opposition; part are marched to Elizabethtown and Bergen-Point, while most of the Jerseymen are in New-York



New-York, July 3, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I am out of money, and can do nothing without it; should be glad you would send me five thousand pounds on account of Captain Brasher, or let me know whether I must come up to receive it. The last raised troops are in want of guns, but cannot get them because Mr˙ Norwood or I have not any orders to deliver them to any other troops but the first four regiments that were raised. If I am to deliver any, please to give me an order in writing.

The Regulars have landed at Staten-Island without


opposition. News just this moment came that part are marched to Elizabethtown and some on Bergen-Point, and we have most of the Jersey men over here. It is said the flying-camp from Philadelphia will he soon there to oppose them. I would have wished that they had been there before they came, to prevent their laying the country waste. Not one Connecticut man is come in yet.

I am, in haste, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


To the New-York Provincial Congress, at the White Plains.