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Examination of Edward Tylee; who informs of the frequent intercourse between the shore and the Vessels of War


Edward Tylee, being examined, saith: That he has been a prisoner on board the Asia seven months; that he was well treated by Captain Vandeput during the whole time; and that upon the whole he did not receive any ill treatment from any of the ship' s company. This examinant further saith, that Lord Rosehill informed this examinant, just before he came from on board the Asia, that he (Lord Rosehill) had given the information to Captain Vandeput, by the way of Amboy, which occasioned his being taken prisoner. This examinant being examined relative to the Asia firing on the City, said that he was not on board at the time, but was Informed, after being on board, that Captain Vandeput gave orders for the first firing, but that he (Captain Vandeput) went down between decks to stop the second firing; that the next morning, the First Lieutenant, Mr˙ Galbreath, had loaded an eighteen-pounder with grape-shot, to fire on the inhabitants, and that Captain Vandeput jumped out of his cabin, in his shirt, to prevent it.

This examinant further saith: That one John Noble, of this City, came continually on board the Asia with intelligence from this City; that he has frequently heard him give intelligence on board, particularly relative to the troops taking possession of Bedlow' s Island; that he (the examinant) heard Noble say he managed and brought about the escape of Captain Harris, when he (said Noble) was on guard; that the said Noble, the week before last, brought on board three rifle guns. That Laurence Hartwick was another person who continually brought intelligence; that he was one of the persons who attempted to set fire to the furnace with combustibles made on board the ship Asia; gave the information which caused the two boats with iron to be seized. That, with respect to the supply of fresh provisions, they used to have it brought on board by many persons, whom he did not know; they refused to take Continental money for it. That a blockmaker, a tall man with a snuff-coloured coat, brown hair, who said he was a Committee-man, came on board twice, some time in the month of November, to the best of his knowledge, in company with one Lawrence Hartwick; that this examinant gave Hartwick a letter to carry for him to Nathaniel Tylee, in New-York, and that in the presence of the said block-maker; that the said blockmaker told this examinant, "You know you and I are not of the same way of thinking;" that the said blockmaker and Hartwick broke the said letter open, and showed the same to Captain Vandeput, as Captain Vandeput informed this examinant, upon which this examinant was more closely confined, and suffered considerably thereby. This examinant further saith, that Mr˙ Bogert, the butcher, one or two nights before the ship Lady Gage was cut out, was on board the Asia; that two or three nights after the cutting out of the said ship, the said Bogert was on board again, and was invited by the gentlemen of the gunroom to go down with them in the gunroom; that this examinant was in the gunroom; that this examinant heard Bogert say that when he (Bogert) was coming from Bedlow' s Island he saw Mr˙ Nixen put off from alongside the Asia, and that he (Bogert) lay down in the boat and let a sailor set upon him to prevent Nixen seeing him;


that the officers in the gunroom, on informing Bogert of the expedition in cutting out the Lady Gage, and laughing heartily about it, one of the officers said to Bogert, we told you of our going upon that expedition the other night; that Bogert answered "Yes, you did, but I did not want to hear it." That one Nicolls, of Connecticut, a friend of this examinant, gave Bogert sixteen shillings to purchase necessaries with for this examinant; that Bogert brought him off two gallons of rum, and the remainder of the money he kept for near three months, though often solicited to bring him some necessaries for the remainder, which he never did till a friend of this deponent came on board, to see him, and to whom he gave an order on Mr˙ Bogert to receive it, and send him some necessaries, which he accordingly did.