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Credentials and Instructions of the Delegates from New-Jersey: They are to vote for Independence


Francis Hopkinson, Esq˙, one of the Delegates of New Jersey, attended, and produced the Credentials of their appointment, which was read, as follows, viz:

"In Provincial Congress, New Jersey, Burlington, June 21, 1776.

"The Congress proceeded to the election of Delegates to represent this Colony in Continental Congress, when Richard Stockton, Abraham Clark, John Hart, and Francis Hopkinson, Esqs˙, and Dr˙ John Witherspoon, were elected by ballot, to serve for one year, unless a new appointment be made before that time.

"Resolved, That the following Instructions be given to the Delegates as aforesaid: The Congress empower and direct you, in the name of this Colony, to join with the Delegates of the other Colonies in Continental Congress, in the most vigorous measures for supporting the just rights and liberties of America; and if you shall judge it necessary or expedient for this purpose, we empower you to join with


them in declaring the United Colonies independent of Great Britain, entering into a Confederation for union and common defence, making treaties with foreign nations for commerce and assistance, and to take such other measures as may appear to them and you necessary for these great ends; promising to support them with the whole force of this Province; always observing that, whatever plan of Confederacy you enter into, the regulating the internal police of this Province is to be reserved to the Colony Legislature.

"By order of Congress:

"SAMUEL TUCKER, President.

"Extract from the Minutes: