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Letter from E. Johnson to the Maryland Council of Safety



In Committee of Observation, August 27, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We have received your letter requesting our furnishing Captain Brooke' s company with arms. We are to inform you that, agreeable to your order of 16th July last, we have purchased a few arms, which, together with those taken from the Non-Associators, were delivered to such of the Militia as went to St˙ Mary' s, but shall now be called in, and we will procure all the arms we can, but are in doubt it will not be in our power to get a sufficient quantity for Captain Brooke' s company. You' ll please to send some cash to pay for them, and also the sum of £20 10 current money, to pay the constables of the different Hundreds for their collecting the number of inhabitants in the County, agreeable to your order, which are to be returned on Monday next, and shall be sent to you per next post.

Signed per order: E˙ JOHNSON, Clerk.

To the Honourable Council of Safety.