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Desiring the Council to Appoint a Day of Solemn Humiliation and Prayer


Resolve desiring the Council to appoint a Day of solemn Humiliation and Prayer; passed JULY 3, 1776.

It having been the laudable practice of this Government to recommend and appoint days for Fasting and Prayer upon solemn and special occasions; and as this Court apprehend that the present time is big with the most important events to this and the other Colonies, and that these events are at the disposal of the Supreme Governour of the Universe:

Therefore, Resolved, That the honourable Council be, and hereby are, desired to set apart Thursday, the last day of July instant, to be observed as a day of solemn Humiliation and Prayer, devoutly to implore of Almighty God, that the monitory dispensation of Providence, in the drought wherewith some parts of the land has been visited, and the humbling events which have lately taken place in Canada, may, accompanied with a Divine influence, produce a sincere repentance and thorough reformation of manners among all orders and degrees of persons; that He will command his blessing on our councils and arms at this important crisis of our publick affairs, and that this People, placing their hope and confidence in that God in whom their fathers trusted and were not made ashamed, may be moved and encouraged manfully and freely to offer themselves for the defence of those rights, civil and religious, upon the enjoyment of which, the peace and happiness of the present and future generations absolutely depend; that He will, at a time of increased demand of provisions for the support of our brethren in the field, and when the usual foreign supplies are not to be obtained, be graciously pleased so to order the seasons as that we may have, in the course of this year, a sufficiency of the fruits of the earth, both for man and beast. And that they cause a Proclamation to be immediately issued and sent to the Ministers and Pastors of the several denominations of Christians in this Colony, for the purposes aforesaid.