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Examination of Colonel Covenhoven by the New-York Convention


"Harlem, August 28, 1776.

"Left Long-Island on Sunday morning; came, last from Welpelmus Stothoof' s Island. On the day that the enemy landed, as he was returning from the lines, he was taken by a party of the enemy; they treated him roughly, took from him his sword and cockade, and carried him to Head-Quarters; was politely received by General Howe, who asked him if he would stay home and send his produce, which he promised to do. He understood from the officers that eight thousand men had landed the first day. They sent for him the second time on the same day; ordered him to get fowls, &c˙; under pretence of which he went off, got a horse, and went to General Washington; asked him what part he should take; who directed him to go back, and he was to collect information, and send it to General Washington; which he did, and got back without having been missed; they never questioned him further. He afterwards met with some Hessians, who took him with them to get cows, and agreed among themselves to put him to death after he had showed them the cows, as they were forbid to kill any cattle; they spoke this in the Hessian language; showed them a cow, and he left them; most of the stock had been driven off before. He then went to the Flatlands, where he saw many Regulars; saw Governour Tryon, but did not speak to him; Generals Howe, Clinton, and Pecket, were on the Island; the enemy were joined by few people from the Island; saw many people from Staten-lsland, not armed. Left it on Sunday, with design to come to Congress; when got to McGowen' s was arrested. Does not think it safe Congress should Continue here; they talked in the camp of landing above this. The party that carried him to General Howe carried also his sword and cockade, but it was not noticed by the General. Heard at the Flatlands that seventeen sail of transports were going round in order to land at Morisania; the enemy proposed to attack the line the day after they landed, but were repulsed, and seventeen Hessians killed."