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M. Malmedy to General Lee


MY GENERAL: Upon my arrival here, I sent your letter to the Governour, and offered them my services, without asking any rank. The Assembly of this Province immediately granted me that of Colonel, with which I was flattered and well satisfied. Two hours after, the Assembly having read your letter a second time more attentively, and being determined by some other circumstances, gave me the rank of Brigadier-General, which I acknowledge I have not yet deserved.

Ought I not to fear, my General, that this promotion, which is an act of favour, will be a kind of disgrace to me, and that these gentlemen, by loading me with favours, have only prepared me for humiliation, if the Continental Congress should hesitate? Is there not a probability of my not keeping this rank? If I do my duty, it would seem somewhat unjust. That promotion was entirely unsolicited by me. I hope the Congress will attend to these observations, and I beg you would set them in the strongest point of view.

I am, with respect, my General,


Providence, December 20th, 1776.