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Memorial from the Committee for the County of Cumberland


To the Honourable the Delegates of the Thirteen United Colonies in General Congress assembled:

The Committee for the County of CUMBERLAND, in the Province of NEW-JERSEY, beg leave to represent:

That the good people of this County have ever showed themselves forward in the cause of liberty, being the first in (at least this part of it) the Province that took up arms in support of the common cause, ever since which they have been diligently engaged in learning the military art, and furnishing themselves with the implements of war; notwithstanding which, they have not been able to provide themselves with a sufficient quantity of ammunition, particularly powder, of which article they assure us they have not a sufficient quantity to enable them to defend their property, in case of any emergency, until a supply could be procured from Philadelphia. We cannot but think this circumstance truly alarming, when we consider that we lie open, defenceless, and exposed to the depredations of Ministerial robbers, should they think proper to enter our Bay. These considerations, joined to the probability we conceive there is that General Gage will, before the beginning of the winter, try every method, and ransack every place that may be in his power, to furnish his Troops with fresh provisions, will, we apprehend, fully apologize for this our application to your honourable Board for relief, especially when we assure you that we have taken every method in our power to furnish ourselves. We therefore earnestly beg you would take such measures for our relief in the premises as to you shall seem meet, assuring you that you may with the greatest safety rely on our taking every precaution necessary for securing any powder you may be pleased to order for our relief, and that none of it shall be used but


in support of the rights and privileges of our countrymen. Signed by order of the Committee:


September 30, 1775.