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Prices of Sundry Articles Established by the Committee of Newark



Committee-Chamber, Newark, March 15, 1776.

The Committee, taking into consideration a Petition from a respectable number of inhabitants of this Township, and persuaded of the expediency of preventing undue advantages being taken by reason of the scarcity of sundry articles, in consequence of the present contest with Great Britain, have resolved to regulate the prices of West-India product, to be sold in this Township, as follows, to wit:

West-India Rum, 6s˙ 3d˙, New- York currency, per gallon, or smaller quantity.

Jamaica Spirits, 7s˙ 9d˙ per ditto.
Molasses, 3s˙ 2d˙ per ditto.
Country Rum, 4s˙ 0d˙ per ditto.
Coffee, 1s˙ 3d˙ per lb˙ or smaller quantity.
Chocolate, 2s˙ 0d˙ per ditto.
Loaf-sugar, 1s˙ 6d˙ per ditto, by the loaf.
Lump-sugar, ls˙ 4d˙ per ditto, by ditto.
Muscovado do. 4s˙ 9d˙ per ditto.
Salt, 5s˙ 0d˙ per bushel.
Pepper, 6s˙ 0d˙ per pound.

In adjusting which, the Committee, being of opinion that the prices here must, of necessity, be governed by those fixed at New- York, have considered the late restrictions by the Committee there, as a proper basis; and have allowed such additions thereto, for the retailers here, as are reasonable for their loss in gauging, waste, small drafts, &c˙, freight, cartage, and a compensation for buying and selling. And it is hereby recommended to all venders and retailers of the above articles, that they neither demand nor receive therefor any greater prices than are ascertained by the above regulations, during the continuance of the above-mentioned restrictions in New- York.

And it is Resolved, and hereby Declared, That, on proof being made to this Committee of any person having, after the publication hereof, contravened, or in anywise acted in defiance of the said recommendation, the delinquent shall be exposed by name to publick view, and as an enemy to


his country. Not only all persons will be prohibited having any dealing or intercourse with him, but neither his person nor estate will receive protection from this Committee. Published by order of the Committee:

LEWIS OGDEN, Chairman.
ISAAC HEDDEN, Secretary pro tem.