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Order respecting the trial of the brig Betsey


To the Honourable Mr˙ DANA, Watertown:

SIR: I find Mr˙ Creed is about to make application to Council for the delivery of the Brig Betsey, and therefore pray leave to inform you, that after the trial in the Maritime Court at Salem, I had determined not to trouble myself any further about her, as there did not appear to me on trialthere was the least probability of her being condemned; but as the Captain was clamorous and noisy, I entered my appeal with an intention to prosecute it further at the Superiour Court, but I assure you I have not the most distant apprehension of succeeding. It will be an expense of about forty pounds. The Board will act their pleasure.

I am, sir, your very humble servant,


Honourable Mr˙ Dana.