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Petitions of Henry Chase and others, to the New-York Convention


"WHITE-PLAINS GAOL, September 13, 1776.

GENTLEMEN OF THE HONOURABLE PROVINCIAL CONGRESS: This my humble petition to beg if your Honours please to send for me, that I may have my trial, for the County Committee and the Committee of Safety say that they have no right to try me, and I have desired them to send me to the honourable Provincial Congress, and they tell me that they dare notsend me without orders from your Honours. Gentlemen, so I shall be very glad if your Honours will be good enough to send for me as soon as possible, for I have been in prison going on eight weeks, and I can' t support myself any longer. So, gentlemen, I shall be very glad if your Honours will take my case into consideration, if your Honours please, so that I may be cleared or condemned. So, gentlemen, I leave my case to your Honours' wise consideration, not doubting but your Honours will have compassion on a poor prisoner.