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Report of the Committee appointed to inquire whether the Goods taken on board several Vessels at Hampton were imported agreeably to the Continental Association


Friday, January 5, 1776.

Mr˙ Cary, from the Committee to whom it was referred to inquire whether the Salt, and other goods, lately taken on board several vessels at Hampton, were imported agreeably to the terms of the Continental Association, and whether the same were the property of friends to America, or of those who have been in arms, or have taken an active part against this Colony, reported, that the Committee had, according to order, had the same under their consideration, and that it appeared to them that Capt˙ Wilson, of the Sloop Agatha, sailed from this Colony, some time in the month of August last, for the Granadas, where he took on board 30 hhds˙ of Rum, the property of Isaac Wilson, of the Town of Portsmouth, two the property of the Captain himself, and two the property of Cornelius Calvert, jun˙, who was Supercargo of the said Vessel, which appears to be the property of John Shedden, of Norfolk, Robert Shedden, of Portsmouth, and John Syme, of Smithfield; that it further appears that the said Robert Shedden had given orders to his agents in Glasgow to ship large quantities of Goods from thence, in direct violation of the Association, which he had agreed to and subscribed, and had thereby discovered an earnest intention of injuring, as much as possible, the cause of America; and that it appeared that the sum of 53l˙ 11s˙ 4d˙ is now due to the mariners of the said Vessel. That the Sloop Swallow of which George


Burwell is Master, cleared out in ballast, from Hampton, about the 1st of September last, to the Island of Tortuga, where she arrived, and took in great part of her load of Salt, and then sailed for Turk' s Island, and took in 300 bushels more, and arrived in this Colony with the same; that 2,155 bushels thereof appeared to be the property of Hector M' Allister, of Norfolk, and the residue to belong to the Captain and his Mates; that the said Vessel, except about sixty Pounds in her value, belonged to the said George Burwell. That the Sloop Molly, whereof Samuel Servant is Master, cleared out at Hampton, with a cargo of Grain, and other commodities, on the 10th of September last, and sailed about the twentieth of the same month for Antigua, and that the whole of her Cargo was on board when she cleared out; that she arrived at Nevis, and then sailed for Turk' s Island, and took on board 1,232 bushels of Salt; that the said Sloop, together with the Cargo, except fifty bushels of Salt taken on board for the Captain' s use, belonged to William Turner, Archibald Brown, and James Woddrop, of Norfolk; and that it appeared, from the testimony of Dr˙ Archibald Campbell, that the said James Woddrop had been very active under Lord Dunmore, since the commencement of the present disputes, and had received a commission as an officer of the Militia from him, and was one of the party at the Great Bridge, and principally engaged in carrying of the cannon during the action. That the Brig Corlet, whereof John Harris is Master, sailed from Hampton, some time in the month of June last, for Scotland, and from thence, in September, for this Colony, in ballast; that she has on board three pieces of Irish Linen, two pieces of Diaper, and six Macaroni Waistcoats, which were for his own use; one piece of Osnaburgs, two pieces of Irish Linen, three parcels of Pins, a parcel of Needles, and one piece of Green Plaids, sent by one Maclean, of Scotland, to his wife, at Norfolk; and two piece' s of Irish Linen, one dozen and ten pair men' s Thread Stockings, the property of Andrew Sprowle, of Norfolk. And that they had come to several Resolutions thereupon; which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the Clerk' s table, where the same were again twice read, as follows:

Resolved, That the Rum in the Sloop Agatha was not imported contrary to the Continental Association, but that 11 hhds˙ thereof, together with the said Sloop, being the property of Messrs˙ Robert and John Shedden, and John Syme, from the inimical conduct of the said Robert, are become justly forfeited to this Colony, and ought to be considered as lawful prize; but as the conduct of the said John Shedden and John Syme, two of the owners thereof, cannot be inquired into, they refer the further examination to the Committee of Safety.

Resolved, That the remainder of the said Cargo be delivered to the several Proprietors thereof.

Resolved, That the said Vessel, and 11 hhds˙ of Rum, be sold at publick auction; and that the sum of 531˙ 11s˙ 4d˙, due to the Mariners of the said Vessel, for their wages, be paid to them, and the residue be disposed of as the Convention shall direct.

Resolved, That the Salt in the Sloop Swallow doth not appear to have been imported contrary to the terms of the Continental Association; but that the conduct of Hector M' Allister, owner of the said Vessel and Cargo, ought to be inquired into by the Committee of Safety.

Resolved, That the Goods imported in the Brig Corlet be forfeited to this Colony, and sold at publick auction.

Ordered, That the said Report do lie upon the table.

Ordered, That the Cargo of the Sloop Agatha aforesaid, except 11 hhds˙ of Rum, belonging to Robert and John Shedden, and John Syme, be delivered to the several proprietors thereof.