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Letter from the Council of Safety to General Dent



[No˙ 48.] Annapolis, July 17, 1776.

SIR: We received a letter from Colonel Jordan last night, advising that some of Dunmore' s party had landed on St˙ George' s, and that the boats were going off to the vessels, it was imagined, for more. As the further orders which we may give must depend in a great measure on the numbers, situation, and movements of the enemy, we request you will communicate to us by the return of the express all the information you can collect relative to them, and be very particular therein. We have countermanded the orders given Captains Thomas and Hindman to march to Philadelphia, and expect them here today or tomorrow. Upon receiving intelligence from you, we shall be able to form an opinion whether it will be necessary they should be ordered to your assistance. Powder, lead, and flints, are sent off this morning to Leonardtown, and we hope will arrive there tomorrow night or on Friday morning. We approve of the Committee detaining Captain Forrest' s company, and think it would be best, if the Militia will part with their guns, that that company should be armed with them, and immediately be subject to your orders. We are, &c.

To Brigadier-General Dent.