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Board of War to Genral Washington


In Congress, November 15, 1776˙. — The Secret Committee having reported that the Cargo imported in the Hancock and Adams, which has been carried into the port of Bedford, in Massachusetts-Bay, consisted of the following articles: 72 chests of Arms, 311 barrels Gunpowder, 338 pigs of Lead, 9 casks of Guh-Flints, 1 case of Pins, 133 barrels of Tin-Plates, 5 cases of Iron-Wire, 70 casks of Saltpetre, 10 bales of Merchandise: Resolved, That the Muskets, Powder, Lead, and Gun-Flints, be delivered by the Committee of Bedford to the order of the Board of War, who are to inform the General of these stores, and direct the whole or any part to him that may be wanted for the use of the Army, with an injunction not to put the Muskets into the hands of any but those


soldiers who inlisted under the late resolves and regulations of Congress.

Extract from the Minutes:


True copy: Richard Peters, Secretary,