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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Mr˙ Mark Alexander having applied to the Committee for liberty to load the Sloop Grampus, John Brackett, master, with Provision for the use of the Colonies, to Massachusetts-Bay, the same was granted, on his entering in a bond with said master in double of the value of the cargo, that he will land the same, and produce a certificate thereof from a Committee of the port where it was landed, to this Committee, and that the usual Oath be taken by them,

Mr˙ Mark Alexander, on behalf of George Welsh and Elisha Thatcher, made application for permission to load the Schooner Peggy, John Lathrop, master, for the same parts as above; which was granted on the above condition.

Messrs˙ John Philpot and William Sterrett were summoned to appear before this Committee, to give information against Mr˙ Samuel Carson, Sen˙, merchant in Philadelphia, for speaking disrespectfully of this Committee. They appeared accordingly, and declared that they were in company with Mr˙ Carson, in Philadelphia, and heard him say, "he had been informed while he was at Baltimore, that a quantity of Tea had been imported at Baltimore, and that he was informed it was not to be now produced, and, that a parcel of Handkerchiefs had come to Baltimore, which had been directed to be destroyed, and that only about a dozen had been burnt, and the remainder secreted and sold."

The Committee, looking on it as an imputation on their character, directed the Committee of Correspondence to write to the Committee of Correspondence at Philadelphia, to desire Mr˙ Carson to produce his author.

The same information was given by Messrs˙ Carvel Hall and Aquila Hall, of Harford County, respecting Mr˙ Carson.

A copy from the Minutes.

Attested by: GEORGE LUX, Secretary.