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Letter from General Gates to General Schuyler


Head-Quarters, October 8, 1776.

(Parole, Madrid .)

(Countersign, Wall .)

The Commissary to issue four sheep to each regiment, three to the corps of artillery, and three to the artificers at their usual times of drawing provisions. The commanding officers will direct the sick and weak soldiers to be supplied with this refreshment, and the Commissary is to reckon the sheep in the allowance to regiments at their estimated weight.

All the pork barrels at present in possession of the respective corps are to be immediately collected and delivered by the Quartermasters to Mr˙ Commissary Yauncy, for the purpose of salting beef.

No person is to apply for a discharge in future unless he bring with him to Head-Quarters the certificates and receipts of pay heretofore ordered. A form for each of these is this day given to each Major of Brigade, and no discharge will be given, unless the certificates correspond with that form.


Field officer of the day for Ticonderoga, Lieutenant-Colonel Roberts . Brigade-Major of the day, Browne .

Field officer for Mount Independence, to-morrow, Lieutenant-Colonel Center . Brigade-Major, Second Brigade.