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Colonel Huntington to Governour Trumbull



Roxbury Camp, October 19, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: His Excellency General Washington has discharged, at their desire, three of the officers of my Regiment-Lieutenant Tirrell, of Ripley' s Company; Ensign Markham, of Ellsworth' s; and Ensign Stoughton, of Humphrey' s — and I have promoted Lieutenant Hillyer, of Humphrey' s, to the Adjutancy, which makes four vacancies in the whole. The principal officers of the Regiment have desired me to recommend them to be filled up in the


following manner, in case blank commissions are not sent to me. I believe the disposition will be generally agreeable, and for the service of the Regiment. Ensign Abraham Wright, of Major' s Company, to be Second Lieutenant in the Fourth Company, (Humphrey' s,) vice Lieutenant Hillyer; Sergeant Jonathan Humphrey, Jun˙, of the Fourth, to be Ensign, vice Ensign Wright; Ensign Nathaniel Bingham, of Lieutenant-Colonel Douglass' s Company, to be Second Lieutenant of Ripley' s, (which is the Tenth,) vice Lieutenant Chamberlain, to be promoted to the First Lieutenancy, vice Lieutenant Tirrell; Sergeant John Kinsman, of Colonel Douglass' s, to be Ensign, vice Ensign Bingham; Sergeant Solomon Makepeace, of the Fifth Company, (that is, Ellsworth' s,) to be Ensign, vice Ensign Markham.

We have many fears concerning the Commissary General of our Army, who we just hear is dangerously sick at your house. The universal satisfaction he has given in his station, and in private life, fills every one with much anxiety for his recovery.

The night before last, one of our floating batteries was much damaged by the bursting of a cannon — two men killed, and several wounded. We had three fine floating batteries, two in Cambridge and one in Mistick River — two of them remain good yet — and about twenty flat-bottomed boats, that will carry near one hundred men each, besides a number of whale boats. What is to done with them I know not.

Our enemies continue their defensive operations; they have taken down the buildings not far from the Haymarket, south end of Boston, and made an opening from water to water, and are busily raising batteries.

All the articles of news from the other side of the water are full of threats. All appearances of a reconciliation between this Country and Great Britain, commonly though erroneously called the Mother Country, are vanished out of sight. The breach is daily widening. I begin to think the golden age of New-England is passed; that she will enjoy no more of her good days, such as she has seen, till the time comes when there will be none to hurt or destroy in all the holy mountain.

With most dutiful respects, I remain your affectionate son,


Honourable Governour Trumbull.