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Distribution of Thirty-one Battalions


Boston, November 26, 1775.

A Distribution of thirty-one Battalions, intended for the, Army in AMERICA, under the command of Major-General HOWE, for the Campaign 1776, humbly submitted.


Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Tenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Twenty-Second, Twenty-Third,


Twenty-Seventh, Twenty-Eighth, Thirty-Fifth, Thirty-Seventh,Thirty-Eighth, Fortieth, Forty-Second, (esteemed equal to two Battalions, having one thousand men,) Forty-Third, Forty-Fourth, Forty-Fifth, Forty-Sixth, Forty-Seventh, Forty-Ninth, Fifty-Second, Fifty-Fifth, Sixty-Third, Sixty-Fourth, Sixty-Fifth; Marines, two Battalions. Total, thirty-one.

N˙B. The Battalions are estimated at five hundred men, each, for the field.

Sixty-Fifth, Halifax and Newfoundland, 1
Near Nantasket Road, 1
Rhode-Island, 10
New-York, 16
Fourteenth, Virginia, Halifax, and St˙ Augustine, 1
Sixteenth, East and West-Florida, 1
Sixth, West-Indies, 1
Total, 31