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Report of the Committee.


The Committee appointed to prepare a plan for intercepting the two Vessels bound, to Canada brought in a Report, which was taken into consideration; whereupon,

Resolved, That a Letter be sent by express to General Washington, to inform him that Congress having received certain intelligence of the sailing of two north country built Brigs, of no force, from England, on the 11th of August last, loaded with Arms, Powder, and other stores, for Quebeck, without a convoy, which It being of importance to intercept, desire that he apply to the Council of Massachusetts-Bay, for the two Armed Vessels in their service, and despatch the same, with a sufficient number of People, Stores, &c˙, particularly a number of Oars, in order, if possible, to intercept the said two Brigs and their Cargoes, and secure the same for the use of the Continent; also, any other Transports laden with Ammunition, Clothing, or other Stores, for the use of the Ministerial Army or Navy in America, and secure them In the most convenient places for the purpose above mentioned; that he give the Commander or Commanders such Instructions as are necessary, as, also, proper encouragement to the Marines and Seamen that shall be sent on this enterprise; which Instructions, &c˙, are to be delivered to the Commander or Commanders, sealed up, with orders not to open the same until out of sight of land, on account of secrecy.

That a Letter be written to the said honourable Council, to put the said Vessels under the General' s command and direction, and to furnish him instantly with every necessary in their power, at the expense of the Continent.

Also, that the General be directed to employ said Vessels, and others if he judge necessary, to effect the purposes aforesaid; and that he be informec that the Rhode-Island and Connecticut Vessels of Force will be sent directly after them, to their assistance.

That a Letter be wrote to Governour Cooke, informing him of the above, desiring him to despatch one or both the Armed Vessels of the Colony of Rhode-Island on the same service, and that he take the precautions above mentioned.

Also, that a Letter be written to Governour Trumbull, requesting of him the largest Vessel in the service of the


Colony of Connecticut, to be sent on the enterprise aforesaid, acquainting him with the above particulars, and recommending the same precautions.

That the encouragement recommended by this Congress to be given shall be, on this occasion, that the Master, Officers, and Seamen, shall be entitled to one-half of the value of the Prizes by them taken, the wages they receive from their respective Colonies notwithstanding.

That the said Ships and Vessels of War be on the Continental risk and pay, during their being thus employed.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow.