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Depositions of Isaac Hammond


November 18, 1775.

Deposition of Isaac Hammond, of lawful age, being called on by the Committee of Observation of Worcester County, deposeth and saith: That about four weeks ago he went to a certain Henry Parker' s, where he understood a number of people were to assemble for the purpose of entering into an association contrary to the General Association of this Province, and that he believes there might have been about thirty or forty people, and that a certain article of agreement or association was handed about for the people to sign, the substance of which this deponent understood was, that all those persons who signed the same bound themselves to stand together in behalf of their King, and were to oppose the measures of the Committee, and to support each other, and to be in readiness, in twenty-four hours' warning, to rescue any one of their number who should happen to be called on by the Committee, and to resist any attempts to apprehend or seize any of their said number, and that there was about seventy who had subscribed the same; and that a certain Benjamin Shockly was principally active in handing about the said association, and encouraging the people to sign the same; and advised them not to sign the General Association of the Province. ISAAC HAMMOND.