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Committee to Confer with General Washington


Voted, That Deacon Nahum Baldwin receive out of the Treasury thirty-five Pounds, to purchase Fire-Arms for this Colony, and to be by him accounted for; and that the President of the Council give order on the Treasurer for payment thereof.

And Voted, To send one of the Members of this House, (being of the Committee of Safety) and one of the honourable Council, whom they shall appoint, as a Committee to treat with his Excellency General Washington about officering the Regiment now raising for the Continental Army; and that said Committee have full power to settle those matters with the General; and that Captain Josiah Moulton be the Committee from this House.

Voted, That Mr˙ Rawlins, Mr˙ Cutts, and Colonel David Gilman, be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to inquire into the state of the Treasury, and also to report what further sum of Bills of Credit is necessary to be emitted on the faith of this Colony for our present exigencies, and in what manner to be emitted; and, also, to receive of the Treasurer all such Bills as are on interest, now in the Treasury, and to bring the same to be burnt to ashes before the General Court.

Voted, That Captain John Calfe be, and is hereby, appointed to countersign the Bills of Credit now lying in the Treasury not countersigned.

Voted, That John Dudley, Esq˙, Ichabod Rawlins, Esq˙, Colonel David Gilman, Samuel Cutts, Esq˙, Samuel Sherburne, Esq˙, John McClary, Esq˙, and Major Tash, be a Committee to examine into the matters of complaint of the Committee of Londonderry against Adam Stuart, who is suspected of being inimical to this country; and to make report to this House as soon as may be.

Voted, That Josiah Bartlett, John Langdon, and William Whipple, Esqs˙, be, and hereby are, appointed Delegates to represent this Colony in the Continental Congress at Philadelphia, for the term of one year from this time; any one of them (in the absence of the others) to have full power to represent the Colony; and that not more than two of them attend at one time.

Voted, To choose a Committee, to confer with a Committee of the honourable Board, and make report to this House in what manner, and in what name, such Writs, Warrants, and Precepts, as may be necessary to be issued in cases of Trespasses, Assaults, and other Breaches of the Peace, and also for collecting of Taxes, shall be issued; and that Dr˙ Levi Dearborn, Captain Mooney, and Captain Calfe, be the Committee of this House for that purpose.

Voted, That the Report of the Committee appointed to hear and examine into the matters of complaint of the Committee of Londonderry against Adam Stuart, be received and filed.

And Ordered, That Captain Long, Mr˙ Rawlins, and Mr˙ Emerson, write a Letter to the General Court at Watertown, to advertise them of the trial of said Stuart before a Committee of this House, and that they have adjudged him to be Inimical to the cause of American liberty.

Upon the application of Daniel Jackson for liberty to sail as a Privateer against our enemies,


Voted, That Ichabod Rawlins, and John Mc Clary, Esqs˙, and Mr˙ Baker, be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to consult on that matter, and commission him in such manner as they shall think best, and lay the same before this House for their approbation.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.