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Instructions to each County Committee whereTroops are inlisting


A draft of a Letter to the Chairman of each County Committee where any Troops are inlisting, was read and approved of, and is in the words following, to wit:

SIR: We earnestly request you to send us the names of the officers recruiting in your County for the Continental service; and that you cause returns to be made to us immediately of the number of men already inlisted for each Company. We further request you to direct the able-bodied men that are or shall be raised at the time of your receipt hereof, to be sent to the City of New-York, under a proper officer or officers, according to their number; and so, from time to time, till the Companies are full, except such troops as are or shall be ordered to the Fortifications in the Highlands.

We are, respectfully, sir, your humble servants.

Ordered, That a number of Copies be engrossed and signed, and one sent to the Chairman of each Committee.