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Papers Found on Mr. Bethune Examined


Tuesday Morning, nine o' clock, September 12, 1775.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present:

John Haring, Esquire, Chairman, and Commissioner for Orange County.

For NEW-YORK, Colonel McDougall, Mr˙ HalIett, Mr˙ Beekman, Colonel Lispenard, John Van Cortlandt, Mr˙ Scott.

For KING' S, Mr˙ Williams, Mr˙ Vanderbilt.

For QUEEN' S, Mr˙ Tom.

For DUTCHESS, Mr˙ Livingston.

For SUFFOLK, Mr˙ Foster.

For ULSTER, Mr˙ Roosevelt.

For TRYON, Mr˙ Sears.

For CUMBERLAND, Major Williams.

The Committee proceeded to the examination of the Letters and Papers of George Belhune, Esq˙, who is now at the door, in custody of the persons employed by this Committee to seize his person and papers, agreeable to the order of this Committee of the 8th instant.

A Letter from Robert Donkin, Aid-de-Camp, of the 8th of October, 1775, directed to Colonel Cleveland, was read. He thereby directs Mr˙ Bethune may have liberty to go into the South Battery and mark his own ten pieces of Cannon, and that they may be placed in such order as he shall direct.

A Letter from Jocelyn Felthausen, Lieutenant, Twenty-Sixth Regiment, to Samuel Waterhouse, Esq˙, was read and filed. He therein applies for the purchase of a Horse and Sulky, for Mr˙ Stephens, of Amboy.

A Letter of the 11th August last, from Mr˙ Brimmer to George Bethune, was read.

A Letter of the 19th August last, from the said George Brimmer to the said George Bethune was read. He therein mentions that Bills are at fifteen per cent˙ discount, and that he will transmit him a Bill of Exchange.

A copy of a Letter from the said George Bethune to Mr˙ Samuel Waterhouse, of the 8th of July last, was read. He therein mentioned that he is well settled at Jamaica, and that the whole Country are remarkable for their attachment to good government.

A copy of a Letter from George Bethune, of the 10th July last, to Mr˙ Samuel Prince, mentioning several Bills of Exchange, and that he had sent a Bill to Billy Simpson, to be negotiated, was read.


A copy of a Letter from George Bethune, of 27th July last, to Messrs˙ Lane, Son, & Frazer, of London, relating to Money in the publick funds, was read.

A Letter from George Bethune, to Messrs˙ Lane, Son, & Frazer, of the 12th May, 1775, was read.

Another Letter from George Bethune to Joseph Waldo, of the 14th May, 1775, was read and filed.

Mr˙ George Bethune being called in and heard, gave his promise parole on his honour to return and deliver himself up to the Congress of this Colony, or the Committee, on notice, when requested; and he is discharged for the present.