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Letter from Colonel Reed



SIR: His Excellency being obliged to attend some business in the lines, has directed me to acquaint you and the honourable Court, that he has received a letter from General Gage, which has determined him to order the Officers now at Watertown, together with those at Cape-Ann, to be confined in Northampton jail. General Gage is resolved to know no distinction of rank among our prisoners in his hands, which obliges General Washington, very contrary to his disposition, to bserve the same rule of treatment to those gentlemen, to whom it will be proper to explain the reasons of a conduct which otherwise may appear harsh and cruel. The common men the General Court will order to such places as they think proper.

I have, by the General' s direction, also enclosed you the letter from Cape-Ann. He would gladly give them the desired assistance, but you are no strangers to the state of our ammunition. We have reason to expect some speedy supplies, and when any can be spared from the necessary use of the Army with propriety, it will doubtless be done; in the meantime his Excellency refers them to the General Court for the direction and advice they request.

I have the honour to be, with great respect, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,

JOSEPH REED, Secretary.