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To his Excellency General Washington



Winter Hill, August 10, 1775.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY: Whereas, your Excellency was pleased, in the orders of yesterday, to signify your Excellency' s will and pleasure to have the names of those gentlemen who behaved themselves more valiant, bold, and brave than common in the late engagement on Bunker' s Hill, in Charlestown; and as there are vacancies in the several Regiments, that your Excellency would use your endeavour to have them commissioned, if they are not commissioned, or promoted if they are, provided their good conduct be sufficiently evidenced.

We, therefore, beg that we, whose names are hereunto subscribed, may lay before your Excellency the conduct and undaunted courage of William Lee, of Colonel Reid' s Regiment, who did service in the late engagement on said Bunker' s Hill. The said William Lee not only fought well himself, but gave good advice to the men to place themselves in right order, and to stand their ground well. The said William Lee, belonging to Captain Spaulding' s Company in Colonel Reid' s Regiment, is the first Orderly Sergeant of Captain Spaulding' s Company; and as


there is a vacancy in the same company by a Lieutenant' s death, it is desired for the Ensign to take his place, and Sergeant Lee to take the Ensign' s or Second Lieutenant' s. This is desired by the subscriber if your Excellency sees fit to grant it.

THOS˙ BOFFE, Ensign of Capt˙ Spaulding' s Com' ny.
WILLIAM ROBY, Ensign of Capt˙ Walker' s Company.

Wm Campbell,
James Campbell,
Timothy McIntire,
Samuel Currier,
Isaac Peabody,
Ephraim Howe,
Sam' l Hutchinson,
James Pemberton,
Richard Gooman,
John Osgood,
Isaac Carkin,
Richard Hughes,
Benjamin Dike,
James Phillips,
Jacob Dutton,
Robert Glover,
William Tuck,
Nath˙ Batchelder,
Joshua Chase,
William Sterret,
Samuel Stiles,
John Walker,
William Brown,
Isaac Cowen,
Simeon Finch,
Samuel Lowell,
Isaac Starns,
Robert Wilkins,
Josaph Elinwood,
Benjamin Starns,
Samuel Leeman,
John Row,
Ephraim Smith,
Thomas Hardy,
Andrew Bayley,
Ephrann Ralf,
John Johnson,
Ezra Dutton.